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The meter detects fluctuations in the field; however, the group has to stay away from lights, phones and outlets. Halloween stirs up discussion of hauntings and unexplainable events; however, this is the reality for Michigan State’s Paranormal Society year-round. NEW BOOSTERS – The Enchanted Lens, Bell of Fortune and Magic Clock help you reveal a mysterious secret involving the city of London.

In typical situations, clients will have cold spots, hear whispers behind them, see shadow figures moving around, have feelings of being touched, objects moved or electrical disturbances. Watch this video demo of Paranormal Society from the player’s perspective, recorded by Victor, our in-house expert accessible gamer, while using Windows Control on his Tobii Dynavox I-15+ device. During the demo you’ll learn how to left click your way through the game and see how to use the drag and drop function in Windows Control for even better flow.

Investigations begin with a request followed by a phone interview to find out details and determine if the claim is serious, Haney said. A small team may go out and do a site survey to interview the people, take pictures, do a safety inspection and look for obvious environmental contamination. The MFPS tells them how paranormal activity happens, and stresses there is nothing to be afraid of. The MFPS determines whether the sounds or sightings can be explained by machinery or outside contamination, he said.

The goal of the club is to collect evidence for analysis and discussion of paranormal phenomena (hauntings, aliens, cryptids, astrology, alchemy, etc.), to discuss our opinions on said phenomena, and to review related media. We provide an atmosphere supporting the fun and intellectual exchange of paranormal ideas, serving as a platform for anything out of the ordinary. • Immerse yourself in dark-side exploration with Denver’sRocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society, which ups the ante with haunted tours hosted by real paranormal claims investigators. Unexplained orbs of light mar photographs taken at thisCentral Citycemetery at night, and a little boy has been seen following visitors around the grounds, ducking behind trees whenever they try to talk to him. Another strange character — a beautiful woman in black — appears twice a year and places columbines on the grave of resident John Edward Cameron.

Hotel Colorado’s eeriness is ramped up by the fact that the basement was once used as a crematorium for World War II military personnel. Stephen King got the idea for “The Shining” while staying at this sprawling, 109-year-old hotel inEstes Park, where children’s laughter is often heard in deserted hallways and ghostly strains of piano music emanate from the empty ballroom. There’s no shortage of spooky inspiration at the Stanley; in fact, the hotel is so haunted, they offer nighttime spirit tours that take you to some of the creepiest areas of the hotel, including an underground tunnel. As paranormal investigators we need to take great care when doing an investigation in a home. Armed with their equipment that detects paranormal activity, they attempted to make contact with the spirit.

We will also be offering some guided ghost investigations in the future to help share the knowledge that we have learned. We do not participate in séances or partake in the use of Ouija boards. We believe that these bring entities into the location that are not attached to events there and may even bring in negative entities. We employ a great arsenal of equipment including high quality audio recorders, DVR recording systems, full spectrum camera, hand held camera and camcorders. Unravel the mysteries of a departed soul in Paranormal Society, a game from the team at G5 Entertainment who brought you Secret Society.

We conduct investigations for those who are experiencing paranormal phenomena. The group also discussed some definitions that they use frequently during their hunts and defined that what they do in searching for paranormal activity isn’t quite backed up scientifically, but they hope that it will be soon. Todd also went over and talked about many of the equipment and methods they use to capture paranormal activity that isn’t picked up by the naked ear or eye, such as EVPs .

We volunteer our time, experience, and knowledge to help find an explanation as to what our clients may be experiencing at their location and whether or not it could be related to paranormal activity. In addition to private homes and historical locations, we also participate in many public events and fundraisers and do our best to provide help, guidance, and support to many community programs in need. Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society is a professional investigation team in the realm of the paranormal. We use the scientific method of evidence gathering using audio, photo and video to find evidence of haunting or explanation for what is going bump in the night. As a team, we have done many investigations in and around the Olympic/Kitsap Peninsula in the great northwest region of Washington State. We charge no fees for our services and do this as a hobby for our own personal quest to gathering great evidence of the paranormal.

He believes they were members of his family who had died and wanted to guide him through life. Instead of fearing the unknown, his mom advised him to read up on the subject and educate himself on the spirit world. We have been an active proud member of the TAPS Family for over 15 years and our cases are kept private and confidential for the protection of our clients. We are the only TAPS Family team serving the NYC / Tri-State area and all of Long Island.

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