Independent Agencies & Government Corporations

The Government Document Collection may have some of their publications, which are mostly uncataloged. You can also find their publications in the HathiTrust database. The following is a list of current government corporations.

There is no standard definition of a government-owned corporation or state-owned enterprise , although the two terms can be used interchangeably. The defining characteristics are that they have a distinct legal form and that they are established to operate in commercial affairs. While they may also have public policy objectives, GOCs should be differentiated from other forms of government agencies or state entities established to pursue purely non-financial objectives. It should not be forgotten that before Conrail could be privatized, it first had to be nationalized. Seven private railroad corporations went bankrupt and it required the federal government to resolve bankruptcy issues, establish a long-term, comprehensive commercial rail plan, develop corporate management capacity, invest capital funds, renegotiate contracts, and get the whole project functioning in a short period of time. The federal government was successful and only then was the private sector interested in “buying” the railroad.

110–140 effective on the date that is 1 day after Dec. 19, 2007, see section 1601 of Pub. 110–140, set out as an Effective Date note under section 1824 of Title 2, The Congress. 115–254 effective at the end of the transition period, as defined in section 9681 of Title 22, Foreign Relations and Intercourse, see section 1470 of Pub.

Independent agencies are the main source of contact that business and the public has with government. For example, many individuals have visited Social Security offices for personal business. Pear Products is affected every day by numerous independent agencies.

The words “A Government corporation shall” are added for clarity. In clause , the words “make available . . . for audit all records” are substituted for “The representatives of . . . shall have access to all books, accounts, financial records, reports, files, and all other papers” for consistency and because of the restatement. The words “things, or” are omitted because they are included in “property”. In clause , the word “full” is omitted as surplus. The IPO of stock was completed on July 28, 1998, and raised an estimated $1.9 billion for the federal government.

The restatement of the source provisions does not affect other existing laws. The Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act of 1982, referred to in subsec. To section 66a of former Title 31, Money and Finance.

Today’s government corporations cover the spectrum in size and function from large, well-known entities, such as the U.S. Postal Service and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, to small, low-visibility corporate bodies, such as the Federal Financing Bank in the Department of the Treasury and Federal Prison Industries in the Department of Justice. Today’s government corporations cover the spectrum in size and function from large, well-known entities, such as the U.S. These options indicate the flexibility of the government corporation concept and may provide models for extending the corporate organization to other appropriations-funded agencies (e.g., the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the U.S. Mint). Both the latter agencies and their programs meet the basic criteria for a government corporation and suggestions to this effect have been made.

In subsection , before clause , the word “Before” is substituted for “which are” for clarity. The words “bonds, notes, debentures, and other similar” are omitted as surplus. The words “as have been” are omitted as executed. In clause , the words “terms and” are omitted as surplus.

These SOEs, roughly 190 in number, operate in a wide range of economic areas including energy, communication, transport, shipping, trading, and banking & finance. Some of the most common examples of crown companies in Pakistan are Pakistan State Oil, Sui Norther Gas Pipelines, Pakistan International Airlines, and Pakistan Steel Mills. There is little managerial oversight at present of government corporations as an institutional category by either the President or Congress. What oversight there is tends to be corporation-specific. In the case of Congress, corporations are assigned to committees of subject-matter jurisdiction.

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