About Kudumbasree

Rice is the oldest grain. It is characterized by good digestibility and benefits for humans, due to which it is in great demand all over the world. A grain of rice contains approximately 80 g of carbohydrates, 11 g of water, and 0.66 g of fat. Useful ingredients: selenium, copper and iron, as well as B vitamins and trace elements. By creating the right conditions for growing rice, you can get a rich harvest of this valuable product. And after reading this article, you will learn how to grow rice in your own dacha. Stop waiting, join the game now with play online casino continuous luck and many victories await you!

Are you out of money? I can cheer you up. Go to the site deutsch online casino, play and enjoy your winning! Kudumbashree, the precursor to NRLM in Kerala is already finding a large number of micro enterprises on lease land cutrtivation of Paddy and value addition of paddy. Under the.Area Production Incentive Scheme, a subsidy of Rs-.7,500 Per acre is paid to the JLG; if the paddy is planted and reached a growth of 30 days. The same of amount of subsidy is repeatecl, when the NRLM is fully rolled out in the state. It is expected that at least 1.00 acre-40 hectares of paddy will be cultivatecl pet Granra Panchayat on an average. Since the CDS- Community Development Society, The federalized as per body of Kudumbashree SHG is a.-Grama Panchayath is a partner of the project,and the proposed labour team mernbers-all women agriculture labourers of marginal farmers- are members of Kudumbashree SHCS, no qeparate effort is required to mobilize the resources from NRLM