Kudumbashree, the precursor to NRLM in Kerala is already finding a large number of micro enterprises on lease land cutrtivation of Paddy and value addition of paddy. Under the.Area Production Incentive Scheme, a subsidy of Rs-.7,500 Per acre is paid to the JLG; if the paddy is planted and reached a growth of 30 days. The same of amount of subsidy is repeatecl, when the NRLM is fully rolled out in the state. It is expected that at least 1.00 acre-40 hectares of paddy will be cultivatecl pet Granra Panchayat on an average. Since the CDS- Community Development Society, The federalized as per body of Kudumbashree SHG is a.-Grama Panchayath is a partner of the project,and the proposed labour team mernbers-all women agriculture labourers of marginal farmers- are members of Kudumbashree SHCS, no qeparate effort is required to mobilize the resources from NRLM